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Eleda Consultancy

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    Individuals, couples and families

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    Business services
    Eleda law

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Creating the foundation for success in

personal and business relationships
At Eleda Consultancy we understand the complexities of human behaviour.

We help people and organisations overcome difficulties that are holding them back and move forward to greater fulfilment and success.

Family Consultant at Shropshire and Black Country Collaborative Law Pods

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Our services include: 

Confidential counselling and psychotherapy
To help people with relationship difficulties, family issues, divorce or separation, bereavement, depression, stress, anxiety.
One-to-one sessions and group workshops
Available to individuals and organisations on issues such as managing stress, coping with change, building self-esteem/confidence, improving communication.
Psychological business consultancy
Getting to the root cause of difficulties with staff relationships that are undermining the performance of an organisation and finding workable solutions. Helping organisations and their staff cope with transition and change in the workplace.

Eleda Legal
We provide a range of services that support the work of family solicitors and their clients.